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At First Christian Church, we recognize that we do not exist in isolation. We are part of a wider community. In light of that, we make it a priority to support local organizations who are making a positive impact in the Lynchburg community. Below you will find a list of some of the organizations we support with both our time and money:
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We will serve the Food For Families program on the first Saturday of May, June, July and August from 9:00am-11:45 with the anticipation of extending this commitment into the fall.
Food for Families serves about 150+ neighbors each day so many hands are needed. 

Find more opportunities to serve HERE





Churches for Urban Ministry


Lynchburg Daily Bread

Interfaith Outreach Association


The Listening


Meals on Wheels


Rivermont Area Emergency Food Pantry


Churches for Urban Ministry


Rush Homes


Virginia Organizing


Vector Space

Churches for Urban Ministry is a coalition of churches and organizations that work together to empower children, families, and our community through outreach, service, and by sharing God’s love.

The Daily Bread serves a free, nutritious meal every day of the year to anyone in need.

First Christian Church coordinates with 8 other local places of worship to provide several days’ worth of food to anyone who needs it through the RAEFP. A group of First Christian members regularly volunteers to pack this food. If you wish to join this group, contact Will Gardner.

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